“Adventures of Power” Featuring The Honey Brothers!

7 10 2009

“I’m not pussy-footing, I’m double bass drumming!”

You gott check this flick, it looks all sorts of ridonkulously funny! Ari Gold is like a cooler (but still-so-nerdy) version of Napoleon Dynamite, while Enoturage’s Adrian Grenier has never looked so sexy-cheezy all at once! Watch the trailer below.

If you’re in the NYC, there’s a kick-ass premiere party today! More deets below!



  • KnittingFactory, Brooklyn, Metropolitan and Havermeyer
  • Wed Oct 7, 8pm-3am.
  • The Honey Brothers, The Prigs, World War, and DJ Jonathan Toubin from New York Night Train spinning tunes all night!
  • $10 minimum suggested donation to support The Impact Repertory Theatre, the Oscar-winning children’s music non-profit school, who will also be performing!
  • Prizes, movie clips, puppies and kittens!


  • Opens October 9 in New York and Kentucky!
  • Opens October 16 in Los Angeles!
  • Opens in theaters around the country–watch the trailer and join us at:http://www.adventuresofpower.com
  • Starring Hoyt Honey and Honey duContra (Adrian Grenier), music by Raw Honey, with some harmonica by Dory Honey and a character named after Dr. Carl Honey!

“Demonstration EP” by The Honey Brothers – Album Review

16 06 2009

honeybrothers_demonstration_204I’m usually not down for the “actor turned musician” thing, but in some cases it does tend to work (definitely not with Scarlett Johansson). Check this sweet new band out: The Honey Brothers features “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier on drums! Their new goods titled “Demonstration EP,” has a fun vibe to it with a ukulele accenting the cool David Byrne-like vocals. Definitely has a Talking Heads feel to it, but not so new wave. With four tracks on their new EP, The Honey Brothers have put some great music together. My favorite track is “Perfect Parent,” it gets  a little psychedelic in there.

Performing at four big summer festivals this summer, you can catch The Honey Brothers at Wanderlust Festival, All Points West Festival 2009, Osheaga Festival, and Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival.

Independent Music Awards Judges Announced!

28 05 2009


The Independent Music Awards (IMAs) is an influential and effective international program that helps up-and-coming indie artists blow their shit up! In other words, the IMAs recognize these low profile bands and grants them the opportunity for publicity and exposure with all types of industry movers and shakers, thus making it “BIG” and living happily-ever-after. Good stuff.

The first group of judges have been announced! Consisting of some amazing musicians (The Black Keys), some “who are they” (Jesse Malin) and a “WTF!” (Hanson). Some notable judges include M. Ward, Mark Hoppus, Suzanne Vega, DJ Spooky, Charlie Musselwhite, and more. Check the full list of judges at independentmusicawards.com.

I hope they sit Peter Wentz right next to The Black Keys, that would surely give the boys a hoot. Maybe they can exchange pointers … yeah right.

Submissions for the 9th annual Independent Music Awards program must be received by Friday, August 21, 2009 to be considered for the upcoming program. So get on it and may the force be with you!

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

12 05 2009

I love Metric and all things Emily Haines. Although their new album Fantasies doesn’t quite tickle my fancy as did their prior albums, I can’t seem to get the catchy “Gimmie Sympathy” out of my head. As the hook goes “who would you rather be, The Beatles of The Rolling Stones?”

Photo: Bob Bonis

Photo: Bob Bonis

I’ve been asked this question twice in the past week, I choose the Stones. No matter where your loyalty lies, looks like both these legendary rockers led some pretty crazy-cool lives (as if we didn’t know). Check out these newly discovered photos of the two iconic bands. Found at the bottom of an old duffle bag, these candid shots taken by Bob Bonis and ranging from 64′-66,’ reveal classic moments from when the two bands first came to America. The Not Fade Away Gallery in New York will be showcasing the photos through May 17.

Dan Auerbach at the Bowery Ball Room – March 3, 2009 Show Review

5 03 2009

danWhat an incredible show! There was copius shots of Jack Daniels, delicious cigarettes, friendly show goers, and (most importantly) kick ass melt your geriatric grandma’s face off motherfuckin’ rock and roll!

Those Darlins were a treat of an opener. Their dirty country swagger and rad outfits (ruffly booty shorts)! A fucking fox or lion or whatever the fuck feline costume! Hilarious AND sexy!) made a memorable performance and a new fan: me

Hacienda layed down the double stuf in a delectable milk soaked Oreo of an evening. Melodies for days and guitarmanship to rival blues legends. Oh yeah, that’s the goods.

Then there came Dan the Man (Auerbach for the uninformed) who brought the fucking roof down. No I’m serious, I think the building was crumbling under the sheer rock awesomeness. From the delightful and pleasantly tranquil opener “Trouble Weighs A Ton” to a fanfuckingtastic cover of “Oh Carol.” He was clearly in the zone and seemed to be having a damn jolly ol’ good time in it too. Dude was all smiles the whole way through. Always nice to see someone actually enjoying their work. And work he did. Crazy solos audibly ranging from straight up blues to straight jacket pysch rock. He was clearly on a mission: mission accomplished.

There wasn’t a person who left that show who didn’t feel blown away. I’ll put my life on it. Ok well, maybe your cat’s life on it (sorry Toonces). Lest I forget Hacienda backing Dan thru his aural assault. They were the Tenille to his Captain, wow that analogy sucks..

On a serious note, the Bowery Ballroom is a gem of a venue. Quick courteous bar service, amiable patrons, an intimate layout perfect for necking, and schaweet acoustics. This place will be frequented much more often by the likes of me.

So big thanks to the Bowery Ballroom for holding it down (don’t go changin’) and muchas gracias to Those Darlins, Hacienda, and of course Mr. Dan Auerbach for slayin’ it.


A few iPhone shots:

New York is red Hot

15 08 2008

Alright all you east coasters, a whole lot skateboarding mayhem going down this weekend! Don’t be the mark that misses it all. It’s back to the banks and Red Bull Manny Mania comin’ in hot. This Saturday, skateboarders from around the world will converge under the Brooklyn Bridge for the 4th annual Back to the Banks Contest.

Open to all who want to participate, Back to the Banks is a contest unlike any other. There are no bleachers or timed runs. No clueless color men trying to rattle off unfamiliar trick names. No VIP areas with full catering. No. Back to the Banks is a no frills skate jam, bringing skateboarders together to raise money for the preservation and enjoyment of a legendary skate spot, the Brooklyn Banks. Word!

On August 17th at 2 PM thousands of skaters will mash together under the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge to skate alongside their friends and favorite pros (check www.redbullmannymania.com for list of who will be there). The list of competitors and judges are amazing! Good stuff going down.

skateboarders from around the world will converge under the Brooklyn Bridge for the 4th annual Back to the Banks Contest.

Virgin Mobile Festival

30 04 2008

Don’t get all “tangled up in blue” this summer, but do “search and destroy” some of the best music festival line ups to date. Two of the most influential musicians have been added to the Virgin Mobile Festival. Bringing one of America’s most favored songwriters and punk’s notoriously shocking, yet pleasing performer, Iggy and The Stooges. I’ve seen them both on separate occasions and it’s just fuckin’ amazing. Especially seeing Iggy still doing his energized acts just as if he were still at Max’s back in 1970. With Kanye West, Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys, and the return of the Stone Temple Pilots, amongst other fine acts, this Baltimore based festival is lookin’ hot. Tickets go on sale May 3, 2008.

Absolutely epic video (below) from an Iggy and The Stooges performance last year in NYC. Up and personal, shows you just how crazy this 51 year-old punk icon still is. I get chills watching this vid, just knowing his history and what a contribution he has been to rock n’ roll as a whole.