San Fransico’s, Brilliant Colors, Prep Debut Full-Length LP, “Introducing”

7 10 2009

slr108-lo-resMore all-fem rock bands for your listening and viewing  pleasure.  San Francisco based, Brilliant Colors are ready to release their new album “Introducing” off Slumberland Records this Nov. 3, 2009! If you like that 70’s punk sound in the likes of The Runaways and Suzi Quatro with a hint of today’s Mika Miko, you’ll love Brilliant Colors.

Singer/guitarist Jess Scott started Brilliant Colors in early 2007, and she’s been mighty busy since then. After a steady stream of line-up changes, Scott has finally settled on a permanent line-up with the addition of East Coast transplants Diane Anastasio and Michelle Hill (a veteran of a number of Bay Area underground punk outfits, as well as touring guitarist for legendary UK punk / dub group The Slits!), in the meantime sharing bills with fellow Bay Area acts Nodzzz, Grass Widow, and Ty Segall and opening for the likes of The Urinals and The Homosexuals.

Stay tuned for a full album review!

1. I Searched
2. Absolutely Anything
3. English Cities
4. Yell In The Air
5. You Say You Want
6. Over There
7. Mythic
8. Short Sleeves At Night
9. Motherland
10.Should I Tell You


Post Post! You Need to Check Out These All Fem Indie Rocketes!

19 08 2009

postpostlunt1With just about two years together under their belt, Philadelphia all-fem-indie rockers, Post Post, are well on their way to hooking and reeling you in. Producing a tantalizing sound of angelic vocals supported by a rockin’ display of instrumentation composed of guitar, bass, synth, and drums, Post Post has managed to deliver a more than sumptuous EP titled “Meta Meta.”

The four girls, who met and joined forces at Bryn Mawr College, an all-women’s liberal arts college outside Philadelphia, created “Meta Meta” from the ground up. It was a total “do-it-yourself” method which makes their efforts and loveable sound all the more admirable. Similar to the humble beginnings of Tegan and Sara, Post Post utilized their school’s multicultural center to make their first demo EP. After two days of camping out and using two mics, garageband, and lots of love, the girls are set to release “Meta Meta” on Sept. 4, 2009.

With five addicting tracks of sweet melodic indie pop, Post Post also throws in some hypnotizing moments of build-up, dissolution and serene dream-like instrumentals that border reality and the jovial state of fantasy. Front woman Michelle Zauner’s lyrics are poignantly fueled with emotion and all things real. Her words are those that many can relate to and are a refreshing stance away from much of the bull-shit lyrics infiltrating the sound waves today.

In all its entirety “Meta Meta” is quite the catch. Yet my favorite track is “Wolf.” The instrumentals are absolutely amazing in this song, a bit of an eerie intro enhanced by such sweet melancholy lyrics—the song almost becomes a story with its musical build-up, drops and progression.

Delivering such an impressive EP, Post Post is set to become a recognized name in the indie circuit. You can dowloand their entire EP “Meta Meta” for FREE here.

Who Is Post Post:
Michelle Zauner: Guitar, Vocals
Riki Gifford-Ferguson: Bass, Vocals
Marisa Helgeson: Synth, Vocals
Casey Sowa: Drums

Download a FREE mp3 of “Wolf” here.