San Fransico’s, Brilliant Colors, Prep Debut Full-Length LP, “Introducing”

7 10 2009

slr108-lo-resMore all-fem rock bands for your listening and viewing  pleasure.  San Francisco based, Brilliant Colors are ready to release their new album “Introducing” off Slumberland Records this Nov. 3, 2009! If you like that 70’s punk sound in the likes of The Runaways and Suzi Quatro with a hint of today’s Mika Miko, you’ll love Brilliant Colors.

Singer/guitarist Jess Scott started Brilliant Colors in early 2007, and she’s been mighty busy since then. After a steady stream of line-up changes, Scott has finally settled on a permanent line-up with the addition of East Coast transplants Diane Anastasio and Michelle Hill (a veteran of a number of Bay Area underground punk outfits, as well as touring guitarist for legendary UK punk / dub group The Slits!), in the meantime sharing bills with fellow Bay Area acts Nodzzz, Grass Widow, and Ty Segall and opening for the likes of The Urinals and The Homosexuals.

Stay tuned for a full album review!

1. I Searched
2. Absolutely Anything
3. English Cities
4. Yell In The Air
5. You Say You Want
6. Over There
7. Mythic
8. Short Sleeves At Night
9. Motherland
10.Should I Tell You


Jay Reatard’s Band Quits On Him!

6 10 2009

jay-reatardYep! You read the headline correctly. Apparently Jay Reatard and his band must have had some sort of falling out! This is what he tweeted this morning:

“”Band quit! Fuck them! They are boring rich kids who can’t play for ahit anyways … Say hello to your ugly and boring wifes opps I mean lifes guys suck it.”

Well, that kind of sucks, I rather liked his burly bandmates. Good news for other thrashing musicians seeking work though. Now that Jay Reatard’s bassist Stephen Pope and drummer Billy Hayes have quit the band, Reatard is currently looking for new band members. Another good thing: No upcoming tour dates have been canceled.

I’m very interested to see who will replace the two and exactly why Pope and Billy quit the band. I’ve heard some stories from other musicians who have toured with Reatard and he can be quite the chaotic handful. But hey, it’s all fun and games isn’t it?

Wanna play in Jay Reatards band. Here’s his email. He gave it out in a tweet this evening. If you got the shredful goods, bring it.

“So who wants to see just how terrible it is to play in my band . I mean its so so hard I promise its the worst 🙂”

Johnny Ramone Tribute at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

28 09 2009

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is quickly becoming one of the hottest venues, in addition to being a sacred burial ground. Last Saturday, Bon Iver played an epic show in the cold mist as the sun was making its appearance back into the northern hemisphere. This weekend, on Saturday Oct. 3, Hollywood Forever will host the 5th annual Johnny Ramone Tribute. Featuring founding member Tommy Ramone and Ramones bassist CJ Ramone! There will also be a special homage and art show, “The Original Paintings of Dee Dee Ramone” and the world premiere outdoor-screening of “Ramones It’s Alive.” Oh! And did I mention a 3D screening of the original 1968 version of the mother of all zombie films, George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead!!!”

This is going to be an awesome night to be a part of. Peep the flyer for more details!


Mos Def and Damon Dash Bring Out Death!

28 09 2009

Mos Def continues to make moves with yet another interesting side project with Damon Dash. Besides collaborating on the highly anticipated Blakroc project with Damon Dash, The Black Keys and a notable list of rappers (Jim Jones, Q-Tip, Raekwon, RZA, etc.), Mos will now embark on a documentary about Death. And no, I’m not talking about the kind of “death” we all hate so much. But I am talking about the obscure, all Black, proto-punk band that formed in 1971. You’re gonna fuckin’ love their shit!


Mos Def told Filter:

“It’s going to be great. These dudes were pre-Sex Pistols, pre-Bad Brains, pre-all that shit, and nobody knows them. I don’t understand how the whole world could forget them.”

I can’t believe I never heard of these guys until now! After listening to their ripping tunes, Death puts out some great shit any rock n’ roll connoisseur can appreciate.

Take a listen and get more information on Death’s myspace here.

Skatebook – Mike Vallely Edition

22 09 2009

mikevI’ve seen my share of skaters come and go. I’ve heard the words, “I’ll never quit skating” countless times just to find out the person who said that has quit skating. What was it that brought them to the breaking point of just stopping? Was it girlfriends, serious injuries, “growing up” and getting a “real job”, lack of health insurance, not ever getting sponsored, or being jaded by the industry that you wanted to be so much a part of? Who knows? I suppose these are all valid excuses, but what about the people who endure all of this and continue to make their mark in the skateboard world?

The Mike Vallely issue of Skatebook remains consistent and true to form with its great full page photos and chapters about skaters’ artwork, detailed pictures of their thrashed boards, and Jason Dill’s Fucking Awesome clothing line just to name a few. This issue of the Skatebook also features some real heavy hitters who are also some of my all time favorite skaters: Pat Duffy, Colin McKay, Neal Mims, Mike Vallely, and Chany Jeanguenin each have their own chapters in this book. This easily could’ve been the Duffy issue or the McKay issue of Skatebook. Both are equally amazing and have made their mark in the skateboard culture. There is no doubt in my mind, however, that Mike V. has earned the right to have his issue of Skatebook. Mike Vallely stands out to me because he has remained consistently dedicated to the skate culture even through some tough criticism, industry hypocrisy, and just plain haters that are out there. He does what he does and I respect and admire him for that. I hope he never ever quits skating, although I am 100% positive that he will be pushing wood until the day that he physically can’t do it anymore. Much respect and K.O.P.!!! (keep on pushing).

Words: Ryan Miller (Paelon)


Contents: 1. skated it | the art of deconstruction 2. pat duffy | the legendary 3. neal mims | living sober 4. the worst | of low card 5. laced | peter smolik and jake brown 6. colin mckay | icon status 7. chany jeanguenin | versatile 8. a brief history | of fucking awesome 9. mike vallely | world days 10. enjoi camping | at the berrics 11. what’s art | got to do with it

Buy Skatebook’s Mike Vallely edition for only $24.95 at Get the goods!

WARNING : SKATEBOOK #4 is of extreme mature matter. Parental Guidance is highly recommended.

Don’t Knock it Till I Rock It! New Album Releases!

16 09 2009

This week brings us a slew of fresh tunes. Check out what’s hot and what’s not!

shuddertothink_livefromhome_204“Live From Home” by Shudder to Think
Apparently its been more than 20 years since Shudder to Think released their first single. I can honestly say I’ve never listened to this band hailing from the post-hardcore days of punk. Considering “Live From Home” has 21 tracks (all from their 2008 reunion tour), you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with the quantity of music. Now in terms of quality … not so much. Perhaps there’s a reason why I’ve never listened to them. I will give it up for the band though, the instrumentals are very high energy and will engage your body into some rockin’ out movements as well as some mellow sways. But I’m just not feeling the front man’s vocals. He pretty much annoys me.

Check it: “No Rm. 9, Kentucky”- Sounds like a dreary love anthem fit for the broken heart of a bad boy greaser from the 50’s who’s a lil fucked in the head.

thebigpink_abriefhistory_204“A Brief History of Love” by The Big Pink
Touche! This British electro-rock duo has released a pretty cool debut album. The lazy vocals of font-man Robbie Furze, complement the spastic breaks of ambient sounds and screeching psychedelia. Although The Big Pink is coined as a duo, they are joined by a band of five more peeps when taking the stage live. From soft and more tender ballads like “Love in Vain,” to some beat driven tracks and sonic soundscapes in “Velevet,” “A Brief History of Love” keeps it fresh although treading a bit more on the dark side for the majority of their tracks. I guess you can say, they can get a lil emo on your ass.

Check it: “Too Young to Love” – Sounds like a gnarly party going off in an insane asylum. Very awesome instrumentals.

sunnydayrealestate_diary_204“Diary” by Sunny Day Real Estate
I never listened to them 15 years ago when their debut album “Diary” was released and I’m not too hip on hearing them this time around. Although, I do think my skinny-pant wearing 15-year-old emo nephew would like this band. Talented in their own genre and groundbreaking for their time, but this kind of music just all sounds the same after the first three tracks.

Check it: “9 (Bonus Track)” – Sounds like a sore thumb. Standing out above the rest, is the most unique of the album, in which it doesn’t sound like every other track. Well, maybe just a little, but the intro is pretty sick.

qtip_kamaaltheabstract_204“Kamaal the Abstract” by Q-Tip
Now why the hell was this album shelved for some eight years? Although I’m sure it has gone through some major changes before re-surfacing back into the current day and age, “Kamaal the Abstract” brings back that groovin’ 90’s hip-hop vibe. Flowing rich with jazz undertones, you’ll also hear some sonic guitar chords and delicate melodies all over a dope hip-hop beat and the distinct vocals that we all recognize as Q-tip. I like that Q-tip gets a lil weird with it pushing tripped out sounds of the atmospheric unknown and vocal manipulations such as in “A Million Times.”

Check it: “Barley in Love” – Sounds like a sexy number to enchant an unsuspecting fool on the dance floor. I’m loving that blues thump that automatically get that foot stomping and hands clapping.

tyondaibraxton_centralmarket_204“Central Market” by Tyondai Braxton
Looks like the front-man of the experimental rock group, Battles, has followed in his father’s footsteps (Anthony Braxton) and has composed quite the avant-garde solo effort (his sixth). This shit is gnarly and way to cool for average ears. As I listen to these eccentric musical compositions, sometimes I feel like I’m frolicking in a fluffy forest filled with trolls and fairies, while other times I feel like I’m running for dear life! After various scores or some amazing music fit to grace the big screen of the next fantasy blockbuster, “J. City” is the only track of seven with any substantial vocal presence―very experimental and all that is unusual yet beautiful, fitting to the Braxton name.

Check it: “Dead String” – Sounds like a not-so-happy ending. The exceptional megalomania that closes up the track leaves you with the craving for more beautiful madness.

fink_cover204“Sort of Revolution” by Fink
As the fourth studio album for the very gifted jack-of-all-trades (singer-songwriter, producer and DJ), Fink presents an album full of soothing and beautiful aural pleasures. It’s the kind of album I’d like to grab a nice bottle of pinot to, light up some candles and just relax in a warm bubble-bath (either that, or some good love-makin’ music). Track for track, “Sort of Revolution” is drenched with luscious rhythms and enchanting words. With two tracks co-written by John Legend, “Move on Me” and “Maker,” you best believe panties will be dropping to this album.

Check it: “Pigtails” – Sounds like sexy love. Radiating a sensual vibe, this song brings in the soulful, rhythmic sounds of lustful thoughts through Fink’s breathy words. The dark blues instrumentals make the track all the more intense.

masonjennings_bloodofman_204“Blood of Man” by Mason Jennings
Isolation at it’s best. Looks like Mason Jennings went on a solo mission into the Minnesota wilderness to deliver this earthy album. With handsome vocals and catchy melodies accented by sweet honest words, Jennings brings forth yet another enchanting folk album we can all chill to. If you’re looking for an easy listen, this album will do the job. But if you want something with a little more edge and energy, “Blood of Man” might put you to sleep. But wait! Track six, “Ain’t No Friend of Mine” is all that and then some. Full of gritty blues and muffled vocals, Jennings rocks out to this jam with repetitive hooks hard enough to represent in a rap song. It’d be nice to add a few more rippin’ tunes to spice up the album a bit.

Check it: “Blood of Man” – Sounds like what it is to miss somone so damn much, but can’t do shit about it. This track is absolutely beautiful with lyrics so bitter sweet they just may bring tears to your eyes. Oddly enough, the sweetness ends with an ascending intensity that leads into blissful distortion.

krsoneandbuckshot_survivalskills_204“Survival Skills” by KRS-One & Buckshot
Do you got the skillz to pay the bills? Looks like KRS-One & Buckshot’s new album “Survival Skills” is some hard ass shit that will bring in them Benjamins. Featuring big names such as Slug of Atmosphere, Mary J. Blige, Talib Kweli, K’naan, Immortal Technique, Pharoahe Monch, and more, the album has made quite a name for itself. But how does the music pan out? Hard ass raps, dirty rhymes and words to make your mama angry. This is a full on RAP album, not a groovy hip-hop collection you can get your groove on to. Although there are some dope scratchin’ and chilled out vibes. “Survival Skills” will get that head bobbin’ and your blood pumpin’ but that’s about it. Perfect for them boys that like to feel all hard and “gangsta” as they blow the bass out of their crappy car stereo speakers and cruise with one arm on the steering wheel (usually some puny white-boy).

Check it: “Survival Skills” feat. DJ Revolution – Sounds like I’m way better than you. Opening up with a hot track rich in hard flows, you’ll hear a throwback to Boogie Down Productions’ “I’m still #1.” Oh, and Smif N Wessun’s rhymes are smooth as buttah in “Connection.”

Patti Smith – Santa Monica Pier 2009

8 09 2009

The legendary Patti Smith.

“You guys probably think I’m weird for singing Happy Birthday to the Pier,” shared Patti Smith after engaging the crowd for a Happy Birthday sing-along in commemoration of the Santa Monica Pier’s centennial. Well, back at CBGB’s I used to sing Happy Birthday all the time to Hilly Kristal’s dog!” The crowd cheered for Smith, the iconic punk godmother, edgy singer/song writer writer who influenced a flurry of musicians today and will continue to do so tomorrow. She closed up the annual Twighlight Dance Series at the Santa Monica Pier on a gorgeous warm summer evening, glistened by a full moon above.

Similar to a couple years back, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers joined the Smith and her band on stage to deliver us a high energy rock n’ roll set. The Pier was packed with many old school fans clad in wrinkles and grey hair remembering the golden days of the 60’s and 70’s when rock was at it’s prime. Smith’s voice is still so powerful and her stage persona is out of this world. I don’t know how many times I heard the oldies say, “Wow, she’s still the same. I can so feel her energy.” It was truly inspiring.

Between songs, Smith was quite the comedian sharing her honest stories of everyday life and tour stops. Throwing the word “fuck”around and a quick spit here and there, Smith is as real as they come and so fuckin’ badass. It was also great to see Lenny Kaye up there shredding on the guitar. It was also sweet to see Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the crowd and enjoying the show.