San Fransico’s, Brilliant Colors, Prep Debut Full-Length LP, “Introducing”

7 10 2009

slr108-lo-resMore all-fem rock bands for your listening and viewing  pleasure.  San Francisco based, Brilliant Colors are ready to release their new album “Introducing” off Slumberland Records this Nov. 3, 2009! If you like that 70’s punk sound in the likes of The Runaways and Suzi Quatro with a hint of today’s Mika Miko, you’ll love Brilliant Colors.

Singer/guitarist Jess Scott started Brilliant Colors in early 2007, and she’s been mighty busy since then. After a steady stream of line-up changes, Scott has finally settled on a permanent line-up with the addition of East Coast transplants Diane Anastasio and Michelle Hill (a veteran of a number of Bay Area underground punk outfits, as well as touring guitarist for legendary UK punk / dub group The Slits!), in the meantime sharing bills with fellow Bay Area acts Nodzzz, Grass Widow, and Ty Segall and opening for the likes of The Urinals and The Homosexuals.

Stay tuned for a full album review!

1. I Searched
2. Absolutely Anything
3. English Cities
4. Yell In The Air
5. You Say You Want
6. Over There
7. Mythic
8. Short Sleeves At Night
9. Motherland
10.Should I Tell You


The Sway Machinery at The Sanctuary at Temple Emanu-El, San Francisco

23 09 2009

Jewish, cantorial and inde rock? What the fuck … that just doesn’t sound right. Well apparently is sounded amazing this past Saturday, Sept. 19 when The Sway Machinery performed at The Sanctuary at Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco. Featuring Members of Balkan Beat Box, Arcade Fire and Beirut, it was a powerful night of music.


With the show titled, “Hidden Melodies Revealed — A Secret Celebration of Rosh Hashanah,” The Sway Machinery proved to be a unique band that can handle their big band instruments. Part ritual, park rock show: check out the photos below.


TheSwayMachinery1 TheSwayMachinery4 TheSwayMachinery6 TheSwayMachinery15

~ Photos by Kara E. Murphy

The Dodos at Amoeba Music San Francisco

23 09 2009

Looks like The Dodos made time on their busy tour schedule to hit up Amoeba Music in San Francisco. No surprise there, considering they hail from this historic city quickly rising as a spawning ground for indie rock.

The Dodos6

In support of their new album “Time To Die,” The Dodos played a killer show this past Friday, Sept. 18. Check out the photos below!

And if you haven’t checked out any of the Amoeba in-store shows, you need to get on it! Always FREE, always all ages and always good music.

The Dodos4 The Dodos5 The Dodos7 The Dodos3

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Outside Lands Festival 2009 Day 3

3 09 2009

Outside Lands 2009 Day 3 - 25Considering we didn’t go to bed till 6a.m. the night before, we got off to a very late start on Day Three of our Outside Lands experience. I woke up at 11:30a.m. and was super bummed because I was going to miss Big Light. Be sure to check out these jammin’ indie rockers, as they are quite a treat,

We caught the last few songs of Matt and Kim and they are such a fun two-person band. Kim had a perma grin as she banged away on the drums. They closed up with their hit song “Daylight” and got the whole crowd bouncing up and down like a bunch of nerds.

Next up and who I was waiting to see all weekend long, THE DEAD WEATHER! And might I add, the cold gloomy weather surrounding us couldn’t be any more suiting. This band has the sound, look, and powerful stage presence that every rock band should exude. Alison Mosshart owned the crowd before her with her gyrating Patti Smith-like movement and fierce howls. When Jack White rose from the drums to take the lead, the crowd went nuts as though God had come out from the dark San Francisco fog. The Dead Weather = A-Grade Rock Star.

We then went back to the dance party at the Heinieken Experience where Amp Live was throwing down the old school beats and bass. The shit was hot and induced our next wind of Outside Lands energy. Energized and ready to dance some more, we wen to check out MIA. After seeing her not-so-great set at Coachella we really hoped for something stellar. Easy on the fog horns and high on the energy, MIA definitely redeemed herself. However, her new song “Born Free” was kind of a downer even with the heavy punk undertone. Unfortunately, it also slowed down the pace for “Paper Planes.” Either the sound died a good half or she was just not feelin’ it, because “Paper Planes” got nobody moving. Regardless, she played a killer set except for the last two songs and damn were her dancers on fuckin’ point! Those two ginger-headed twins, those boys can cut shit up!

We closed the night up with an amazing set by Band of Horses. Song after song the band just played an inspiring set. It was great way to end our Outside Lands experience. As for Tenacious D., we opted out.


Outside Lands Festival 2009 Day 2

2 09 2009

Outside Lands 2009 Day 2 - 12I danced my ass off on Day 2 of Outside Lands! Although I missed a shit load of bands I was set to see, I had an amazing time partying and dancing it up with my San Francisco friends.

The weather was perfect on Saturday, the sun was shining at a warm but bearable temperature. As we moved and grooved to Raphael Saadiq, I was stoked to hear him play a cover of Iggy and the Stooges’ “Search and Destroy.” That shit was hot! Since I was hangin’ with my friends that practically supply all the alcohol for the bars in SF, you can say I immediately had a buzz. Between the tequila shooters, wine and various FREE drinks, that buzz became an amplified world of sound soon as Mastadon hit. For the few songs that we saw, they blew our faces off!

Moving on to some sweet sounds from Jason Mraz we ran into some dudes celebrating a bachelor party. Clad in fake titties and “Orgasm Donor” badges, naturally they invited me and my cute girlfriend to some club with an open bar in a stretch hummer limo: we graciously said NO thanks.

By far the highlight of Saturday (at least for myself) was dancing to Miguel Migs! He is the shit! We danced his entire set in a crowded dome of movers and shakers. With a 15 minute line to get in, we’re all stoked we got there early and breezed through.

After that, I don’t remember too much except for some crazy fuzzy madnesss from Mars Volta. Those guys are just straight up rockers and have the most enticing stage presence. Not to mention their sound is absolutely stellar.

What happended after that? I had some delicious wine at the Wine Haven (tastings) at Outside Lands, ran into a girl named Molly, heard and saw some epic sound and lights at Dave Matthews and then took part in a series of dance-offs until 6 in the morning! Damn good night, but I forgot to eat, lost an earing and accumulated three new blisters on my feet.


Outside Lands Festival 2009 Day 1

1 09 2009

Outside Lands 2009 Day 1 - 05“I’m so hot my eyeballs are fuckin’ sweating!” Those were my exact thoughts as we rolled up to the 2009 Outside Lands music festival. I gotta admit, the LA heat and blue skies must of followed me to San Francisco cause it was record breaking heat at about 100 degrees.

LA’s West Indian Girl hit the stage and I wasn’t too impressed. I enjoyed their eclectic sound and psychedelic riffs, but I’m just not feelin’ the new front-woman. Moving through the long Outside Lands speedway, lined with tents of beer, bevies, food, lounges and everything else your happy heart desires, we wondered off to see Akron Family. These guys fuckin’ ripped! Whether they were bustin’ some down-home-blues, psychedelic or just some sweet ass rock ‘n roll, Akron Family was a definite highlight with their fun stage presence and bevy of instruments. I wanted to give the dude in the salmon button-up a hug, he just looked so high-in-the-clouds friendly.

I had listened to Los Campesinos many times but was never quite into them. I figured I’d check em’ out live and maybe they’ll tickle my fancy in a live setting, eh, not so much. The front man is a flamboyant Welsh ball of energy which I loved, but Los Campesinos just isn’t my thang. It’s a lil to pop-tarty for me, although they seemed to have drawn a crowd of fun-loving hipsters.

Back to some more LA goodness, Silverlake hometown heroes, the Silversun Pickups absofuckinlutely killed it on the main stage. Their performance was full of movement and sound. Front man Brian Aubert is a guitar god. The man shreds chords of unspeakable measure. His unique vocals are quite the treat in their own. In a moment of awe he shared, “I’m going to geek out here. We didn’t know Built to Spill was going to be here . . . and we are so excited cause they are one of the greatest bands around!” Closing it up with “Lazy Eye” we then moved onto get our panties ready for the tossin’ at Tom Jones. And let me tell you, Tom Jones was incredible, sexy dancing-fun. No matter what age he hits, that man will always enamor the crowd. We left just as “She’s a Lady” was coming on and danced are way back to the mainstage for Pearl Jam.

It was amazing to hear Peal Jam and see Eddie Vedder. The music was pure nostalgia bringing me back to my grungy days of junior high when I had an immense crush on Vedder. I was stoked to hear him play a variety of songs from “Ten,” but a bit disappointed when his vocals started to fade in both sound and energy. Apparently it was the end of his tour and his vocals were basically shot. The outstanding instrumentals led quite a portion of the show, but in the end Veddar came back through and closed the show up with that killer Pearl Jam sound we all know and love.

With barely any energy left in me, we ventured over to an Outside Lands night show at Mezzanine for the Golden Gate Gramble. With a variety of killer bands jamming out (ALO, Counter Clarkwise, Newfangled) and featured artists, the place was fuckin’ packed; great way to end Day One of our Outside Lands experience.


Miguel Migs “Get Salted Volume 2” – Album Review

24 08 2009

miguel_migs_photo5-webWhen it comes to producing music that exudes smooth and sexy beats, San Francisco DJ, Miguel Migs, has scored his way to fourth base. Bringing back that sultry house music, “Get Salted Volume 2” is the kind of groove you can chill to in the intimate company of your own home, or at a swanky lounge with a martini in hand. No matter what atmosphere, the sensual vibe is all the same. You’ll be swaying those hips and bobbing that head track for track.

“Get Salted Volume 2” features tracks and remixes from Miguel Migs, Fred Everything, Jay-J and Lisa Shaw, in addition to loads of exclusive material. With each track holding a stylistic, unique sound, Migs steers clear from the mainstream club beat, giving his music all the more exotic appeal.

Opening up with “So Far” (Yogi and Husky Deep Wash Dub Edit), the tracks sets the tone for a pleasant road ahead with it’s soft snyths and melodic vocals. “Get on Down” will get that head bobbing while you point with one finger in the air to this beatful track. The smooth jazzy grooves of “Not Another Jazz” coerce you to take the fun to the beach and just chillax under the sun. Migs brings in some galactic spurts of sound in “Lisa Shaw – Like I Want To” (Dutchican Soul Vocal Rub)” and “Twisted Rhythm feat. Stephen Granville – Get Up” (Camilo Franco Cassagrande Mix). Hangin’ with a porn star swagger, I cant’ get enough of “Joshua Heath – Just Funk Me Already.” Very funky, very groovy―very awesome. Miguel-Miggs-GSV2_Cover Art

Although the track listings are quite the mouthful, Migs has done a stellar job of satisfying our appetite for some luscious danceable treats. “Get Salted Volume 2” is released on September 22, 2009, so get funky with it.