Wanderlust Festival 2009 Day 2 Photos and Video

Girl Talk was off the hook-fun!


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30 07 2009
Wanderlust Festival Day Two « Grimy Goods

[…] out all the cool photos and video from Wanderlust Day Two […]

30 07 2009
Kara Murphy

Sweet video and coverage Miss Sandy! Can’t wait to do it again at Outside Lands and Treasure Island Music festival. 🙂

30 07 2009

Thank you dear, I had a really terrific photog! You heard of her? Kara E. Murphy!

31 07 2009

After having to put together Concerts this large many years ago, I recall the many wild moments and this scene worked well as I knew it would. The only downs were the lack of SOUND CHECKS before time and flow of sound. The vibes were flow and all was GO. I loved GIRL TALK and usually not into all tech and no musicians but loved one of my favs that I have danced with past Muytaytor in Hawaii is where the FIRE DANCE came to my soul. Live on RAW FOODS and NO DRUGS and ALCOHOL and then vibe on this on ELIXIRS then it is there. It is on the right level and UK is my scene so I loved so many bands as a SF native and a UK soul and this is our AGELESS groove for us all. I need to start producing with others as a team as I can do shit….for yall musically too. I would love to just have some KIDS next time on stage from West Africa and put some KIDS into the scene as well with Circus yoga.

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