Tis moi, Sandy

Grimy Goods is a Web blog dedicated to music, skateboarding, art, and all things good, with a few random tid bits in between. It’s set to make you laugh, mad and sometimes aroused. There’s a crap load of proper new and old music on here to help those of you with neither the sources, or musical taste to acquire such knowledge on your own. There’s also some bad, horrific, pitiful, sorry ass music featured on here for your comedic enjoyment.

Skateboarding is a rad sport, that goes hand in hand with good music. Lots of our friends skate and work in that industry, therefore you’ll find some goods on all that is hot in the sketchy yet fun world of skateboarding.

For all inquiries, submissions and any other random stuff, check out the contact page.

– Sandy (That Girl)


19 responses

11 04 2008

I really like it “That Girl”. I think I need an anonymous vent page too. Youve been added to my favorites. I know you’ll be providing an excellent resource for filling my need “to feel like someone understands my frustration about all of the crap out there”! Keep up the honest work.

30 04 2008

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, dont you stay busy. Wow, i feel like some kind of insider. Im waiting to send you that letter becasue i want to send you a copy of Positive Energy with it, which is a new Melbourne skateboard video. some of these questions weren’t some easy to answer either. oh, by the way, Kieth Richards is incorrect spelling, its spelt good in the actual acticle tho.. Keith, fix it before judgement day

1 05 2008
Tahna (Walter's co-worker)


Your bro Walter told me to look at your site and sister I have to say it “ROCKS!!!!”

20 05 2008

grimmey goods indeed!

5 06 2008

it’s good to know your diggin good tunes. i live in downtown san diego but im from akron and its always nice to see people on the west coast support the keys.

10 07 2008

im grimy, im greasy, i make a 187 look easy!

14 04 2009
The Lord of Venice

Well looks at you Sandy. I like that you put a pic up. Now everyone knows your not only talented but beautiful.

13 05 2009

Hot and witty! You should do TV. Like Fuel!

29 05 2009

I think I’m in luuuuuv

29 05 2009


23 07 2009

Wow. Do you man this whole blog on your own? And I ment wow as in your very good looking. Good job!

3 08 2009
Hans Fink

Well, Mz Burciaga, I am happy to see you doing something excellent, such as this. I am proud to say I was once your editor… once… long ago… ha ha ha ha… Keep up the superior blogging. Be well.

19 08 2009
Betty X

Hot blog, hot steez, hot girl. Keep up the good work. This is my fav blog!

24 08 2009

Yo yo it was a blast getting wasted with the grimy goods staff this weekend, the 4100 dancers were classic

24 08 2009

Super good times! 4100 became a hedonistic hipster ho-down!

3 09 2009
Jen Chen

This is dope…you rule and may I add freaking sic web-site!! Always good to see you…

15 09 2009

Miss u Sandy.

17 09 2009
The Lord of Venice

Is it true you have are “taken” now? Leave for a couple months and you get swooped on. (sigh)

kiss me deadly.

28 11 2011

Walter this site you’re apart of is amazing! Very impressive and informative 🙂 I’ll bookmark it.

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